Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Apple iPod Touch 8 GB - what people are saying about the new Apple iPod Touch 8 GB (4th generation)

Apple iPod touch 8 GB is the latest generation of iPod and comes with a multitude of new features and applications, including two new cameras, features gaming and HD video, recording and editing of advanced.

Control a website only client, about 75% of all reviews gave the new iPod touch 8 GB 4 or 5 stars out of 5. Clients are impressed with the new features in this latest model. First of all, it is the sleekest model Apple yet.

The super thin design with chrome choirs makes superb, although chromium choirs may be likely to develop scratches.

Perhaps the most important upgrade is the inclusion of not one but two cameras. The camera in the front is designed to close up pics, while in the back is the most appropriate for photos of range longer. iPod users request for the inclusion of a camera, and Apple has forced not one, but two.

Customers also love the panoramic new 3.5-inch HD display of the retina, which gives them images sharper and more clearly defined.

It is perfect to read books or other documents online, which allows you to see the entire width of a Web page on the screen.

The ability to record and edit video in HD is key new most. It also comes with wireless-n, which gives you a much faster Wi - Fi connection speed. The new battery is 15% greater and allows you to listen to 40 hours of audio or watching 7 hours of video for a single charge.

People are impressed by the range of activities the new iPod supports, including a new gaming centre, the genius playlist feature and video features that allow you to edit your movies and add music or photos yet to the mixture.

Buyers concluded that reduction of storage capacity of 32 GB model was not a practical problem as the 8 GB model still gives enough storage space and is shipped with all new updates.

Customers overwhelmingly approved the new iPod from Apple 8 GB as an excellent tool for music fans, players or bitten them television or film who want to improve their entertainment with them everywhere they go.

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