Monday, May 2, 2011

Apple iPod Touch 64 GB Generation - it offers what your current player offers, 4th only better

Apple is currently one of the valued companies in the world. Capitalization of Apple has even exceeded the Microsoft giant, who was sitting on the throne for many years. An important factor that propels the success of Apple is products. Who have not heard about the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, iPhone and iPod? These are all innovative and high quality products and sells like crazy in the market. The most recent hype of Apple iPod Touch 64 GB is 4th generation which had been scheduled to be yet another story of success for Apple.

In 2007, iTouch was launched for the first time on the market. It was an instant hit! People like the iPod which was designed after the first generation iPhone. Initially designated as music player device, iPod has transformed into the video player and a gaming device. Who would have thought that so many people will actually play games to iPod? It is a breakthrough for Apple, and it does not stop there! The new Apple iPod Touch 64 GB 4th generation, released in October 2010, strengthened the definition of iTouch as a total entertainment device. See a few new features:

Face time: the iPod Touch 64 GB 4 comes with a camera face face front, enable to make you video calls like never before with other users of iPod and iPhone. Apple even added a rear camera which is able to take on the incredible 720 p HD videos.
Display of the retina. It has the higher in the mobile device resolution screen. It packs a resolution 960 x 640 to 326 pixels per inch.
Faster processor. Multitasking capabilities have never been easier with A4 Faster 1 GHz processor. You can download the latest songs from iTunes, listen to your favorite artists and make taking notes, all at the same time!
Better power management. How many times accuse you your current iPod or other music player in one day? iPod Touch 64 GB 4 plays your favorite songs to the 40 hours before that you need to recharge it.

There are many more exciting features incorporated in this cool device. This is certainly a total entertainment device. It is true that you can listen your favorite songs and watch your films favorite with your current drive. However, iPod Touch 64 GB 4th generation offers best time.

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