Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Apple iPod Nano 8 GB 4th generation features

Apple iPod Nano 8 GB 4th generation quickly became the best-selling of the iPod family mp3 player. It has a new design "profile" and the new case is made from aluminum. Apple provides the new Nano 9 different colors to make sure to find one that suits you and your unique personality. The new iPod Nano has a built in accelerometer which is basically a movement detection device. If you want to move to a new song simply give your Nano a quick shake and it will shuffle songs for you instantly. The accelerometer also detects when you enable your Nano allowing you to view your pictures or package mode portrait or landscape. Video clips appear only in landscape mode.

IPod Nano 8 GB can contain up to 2000 songs, 8 hours of video or any combination of the two. Songs and video content can be purchased and downloaded from Apple iTunes store. You can even purchase individual episodes of TV, full length movies, or simply to rent them. If you decide to rent you have 24 hours from the first time that you start to look at complete the display of your rental. After 24 hours the file will simply instantly disappear giving you more space for any new songs or videos that you want. No action is required on the part of users, it occurs automatically. The glass screen is 2 "measured diagonally which is surprisingly crisp, dynamic for a small screen."

The new iPod Nano 8 GB has engineering functionality to create a new playlist for you based on what song your listening or one of your favourite songs. It will search your music library all of the songs that go well together and lead to a new playlist. The engineering feature is it is like having a personal DJ whenever you have a need.
With the Nano, you can also search your music library using the coverflow function to view your albums by pressing simply and now button center.

Games have never been more fun with the built-in accelerometer. Gameplay meets the way that you move which makes the games completely that and very attractive. The new Nano comes preloaded with the game of maze which allows you to try to escape various labyrinths and transform the iPod Nano 8 GB.

Get in shape and track your progress easily by the synchronization of your running shoes Nike + and iPod Nano. Nike and Apple got together to create a partnership between the Nano and the running shoe. With the nike + iPod support kit, you get a sensor to place in your running shoe and a receiver for you to connect to your iPod Nano. The sensor will send data to your iPod and you can later download this information on the site . You can view your time, distance, speed, and the same calories burned. You can track your progress and to set new goals or even challenge friends or other races. With this fantastic new technology you can really settle your training if you intend to run a short 5 K or a full marathon by providing instant feedback to track your progress and your goals.

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