Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Apple iPod Nano MB598 - elegant has 4th Gen Nano

No doubt, Apple scored big time with his portable media player. Not since the Walkman, Sony has released has a portable captured a market and the reference for all successive products on the market. Find his lineage of the deceased's brand as the iPod mini, the iPod Nano has published five generations of this elegant multi-format player and one of its players gen 4 is the Apple iPod Nano MB598.

The Apple Nano MB598 comes in silver and has a capacity of eight gigabytes of memory. Other colours in his line-up include light blue, violet, black, yellow, green, orange, pink and red. There are nine color options and Apple calls this scheme of color as "nano-chromatic".

Released September 9, 2008, in the event of Let's Rock by Apple, the Apple iPod Nano MB598 was somewhat a surprise because it has a new design which differ to a large part of the previous model. Well, in fact, it is returned to the former design which was presented in its first and second generation models, but incorporated new lines that made it look friendly and sexy. It is now relatively thin, and sports smooth edges curves which makes it easier to handles and avoids scratches more.

Although it is reminiscent of his 1st and 2nd generation in the form, it retained the rotating screen of the previous model which has two inches or 51 millimeters in size significantly, the glass screen is held in place by its shell, giving it a look over by previous generations. His whole body measures 3.57 inches or 90.7 mm in height, is 1.52 inches or 38.7 millimetres in width and only.24 inches or millimeters thick 6.2. It is also very light weighing only 36.8 grams or 1.30 ounces. Unfortunately, the apple reported a slight decrease in la the battery life down to only 4 hours of video playback from its previous model capacity which has allowed five hours. For playback of music, the Apple iPod Nano MB598 has the ability to play audio files for twenty-four hours without interruption.

And the best thing about its housing is that Apple has made it highly recyclable. With our landfills being filled each year with tons and tons of electronic gadgets obsolete as mobile phones, laptops, monitors and well heard, portable media players, Apple's MB598, celebrated as the most environmentally friendly iPod Apple ever madeis a breath of fresh air as it can be reused to produce other materials when replaced. The unit contains arsenic-free glass, and its design is thus free of mercury, BFR and PVC.

Another cool technology that can be found on the Apple iPod Nano MB598 is its ability to shuffle songs while waving the unit. It is also because of its built-in accelerometer. If you do not like the song that is played, just shake new for shuffle once more. This feature cannot be used when you unplug the hold switch, it's a good idea that any involuntary movement not to disrupt or alter a song you play.

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