Monday, May 2, 2011

Apple iPod Touch 4 (4 G) - 4th-generation Gadget

The new Apple iPod touch 4 G published yesterday. For weeks, much has been rumours on his date output and its characteristics. To the surprise, this new iPod was suspected to have front and rear facing camera for the purpose of the retina. Seriously, this is the same iPod with the same front and the back to the camera. The new jewel in the Crown of Apple is clearly the new 4th generation iPod touch which was published yesterday.

design of generation 4 iPod touch

From the specification of all the new iPod offers, first comes is designs iPod 4 G. It has design great body which is elegant stainless steel. There is a full 15% off on the thickness and weight of the body. Stainless steel rear design has been preserved of the old model. When keep you it in the Palm of your hand, you'll find more thin and rider. Previously, it was expected that the device will have design boxier, but now he came with his rider preserved look and elegant image. The main advantages that we get in its design is for all businesses who were present at the time of this product Apple launched yesterday. Then, not be not very shocked to have cases and any market for this company great iPod.

specs of generation 4 iPod touch

This Apple iPod touch 4 is the first Apple iPod a front face characteristic camera with her. You will enjoy facetime video calls with your family and friends. The camera allows you to have 720 p HD video recording. You can also Instant Messaging called video facilities. This iPod must be interested for adolescents and children. With the help of the camera, you will certainly find Apple applications downloaded in your iPod. There are good photo manipulation functions and you can make the zombies, ghouls, avatars, etc. If you are a fan of music, then it is certainly for your taste of music. This new iPod 4 is not only to last generation generation device, but Apple iPod Nano (6). Designers have also suggested that the new iPod Nano 6 will be having 30-pin dock connector. The new iPod will be having touchscreen display unit and it will have a 2 inch screen.

Since the time it was published, Apple iPod 4 G Gets a good review. Apple new iPod touch 4 G would be available in the pre order and you will get an improvement of the battery in this iPod. New 4 G iPod price was quoted as $229 8 GB with rear capable of HD video camera, although it is $299 32 GB and $399 for 64 GB.

New iPod touch generation 4 templates

Finally, you have the iPod in your market and you have all the improvements you thought to. So get yourself updated with new features in this new iPod 4 G models.

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