Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Apple Ipod Classic 7th Generation Features And More

The Apple iPod classic 160 GB Black (7th Generation) has come to stun the world with its amazing array of features and the incredible amount of space and components that it offers, making it one of the coolest iPods on the market.

Apple has not been known to disappoint when it comes to the hottest

technologies of the day and age. The Apple iPod classic 160 GB Black

(7th Generation) is no exception with its sleek new design and rounded

edges, smooth surface, and scratch resistant covers. The device is the

dream for music lovers as it is able to hold up to 160 GB of media

files. Imagine it, this thing can hold up to 40,000 songs, 25,000

photos, or up to two hundred hours of video time. That is so much media

and music that this thing can hold, it is like the ideal device for

those who love to collect music and media.

When the batter of this

device is fully charged, it can play up to thirty six hours of non stop

music or six amazingly long hours of video before you have to recharge

it. That means you can take it with you to an overseas flight and be

certain that you will not run out of battery on the way to some other

country, as you can listen to days of music without draining the

battery. In addition to excellent battery life, the screen will give you

amazing graphics and colors so you can view movies, videos, and photos

with extreme clarity and sharpness, as well as stunning visual acuity.


two and a half inch screen boasts color LCD and includes LED backlight

so that you will not receive a strong glare from the light and still

will be able to read everything that appears on the screen. Also the 320

X 240 pixel resolution will afford you with amazing clarity and

sharpness so you will be able to watch movies with high definition

television quality and clarity. Imagine taking this out on a road trip

and watching the hottest movies on the screen with amazing clearness and

vivid detail.

It's all right if you drop the Apple iPod classic

160 GB Black (7th Generation) because it has a stainless steel enclosure

that will protect it from scratches and nicks and you do not have to

worry about getting any additional covers for it, as it will stay in

good condition for a long time coming. This is an improvement over

previous iPods and one that makes it an even more resistant and high

quality product.

Enjoy the best sound you have ever heard as you

listen to your favorite songs with clear quality with the headphones

that have a twenty hertz to twenty thousand hertz frequency response.

The sound is perfect as this is the iPod's specialty, giving you clear

music with exceptional quality. Take this out with you when you go

jogging or when you are lounging or relaxing and enjoy the clear, crisp

sound of your favorite tunes.

Similarly, as the Apple iPod classic

160 GB Black (7th Generation) supports H.264 video as well as.m4v

and.mp4 and.mov and MPEG-4 video, you will be able to watch a huge array

and variety of video types, whether it is a movie you downloaded or a

video you recorded with your personal camcorder.

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