Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why the iPod turned into iPod Culture - Do you remember Walkman change your life

What iPod is so popular after all we already have mp3 players in the market. Size, capacity, portability and ease of use made iPod so popular. Even if Apple iPod is categorized as reader of music, but in the real sense, it is more than a turntable. First iPod can play music files both audio and video, it can store music songs in digital format as much as computer stores the data as "0" or "1" (binary data). The apple iPod can play any format of music (AIFF, AAC, WAV, MP3) next to the mp3 format.

iPod to store hours of music in small device is another reason why it has become popular over phonographs, which can store a maximum hour of music on CD. The speed with which it searches for songs from thousands of songs on iPod, easy interface with computer to download music from iTunes and, above all, features to organize music categories are reasons more "why the iPod is so popular" among gadget lovers. Company Apple has used the compression method to store the files of great music by compression on iPod device, this method allows more music stored on a small device. The average consumer has more variety and choice to listen to music without changing the recorded music, all in one place. Apple iPod identifies these compressed files on iPod device with "digital audio chip" (DAC) to create digital audio files that are passed to the head phone (listening device).

storage iPod - apart from the characteristic technology iPod comes with the elegant design of equipment, the iPod is also elegant that it can keep in your shirt pocket. Yet again, I'll give days reference walkman, why it became so popular. The main reason was its miniature size, could carry walkman while jogging or at work, portability, accessibility and the ability to run on a battery gave people freedom of attached wireless music players.

The current iPod family comes in a wide variety of sizes of storage. Current ranges from storage 2 GB 80 GB iPod, more space the more songs, videos or movies, you can store on iPod. The iPod battery is rechargeable and can take a long time. If we take stats for the average user iPod, you may need to replace the battery in one or two years for optimal performance.

current iPod storage facts:

iPod Shuffle--(1_GB_-_240_chansons-$49) (2 GB - 500 songs $-69) iPod namo-(4_GB_-_1000_chansons_-_149_$)-(8 GB-2000 songs-199 $) iPod classic (80 GB - 20 000 songs $-249)-(160_Go_-_40_000_chansons_-_349_$) iPod touch-(8_GB_-_299_$)-(16_GB_-_399_$)-(32 GB-499 $) - Multi touch Interface Apple TV-(40_Go_-_229_$)-(160_Go_-_329_$) iPhone-(8_GB_-_399_$)-(16_GB_-_499_$)

The last part of this article is transfer files from the computer to your iPod. It is especially easy as long you Don't go to the custom option. To transfer audio or video files, you need apple's iTunes software. Install the software on your laptop or desktop iTunes. Once the installation is complete connect iPod to your desktop computer or laptop via the USB port. The system will identify new hardware and iTunes will detect the iPod connected to the computer. The iTunes software to synchronize with iPod connected, it will seek to force battery first and then it will transfer new files of music or video on your iPod.

iPod Fashion

What is the mode of the iPod, ask your child or adolescent son or daughter. Give them choices other cheaper MP3 players with more features than iPod, will be suitable for your generous settlement. The answer is not big. IPod is a must have for young children, without it, they are incomplete. There is the enormous peer pressure and nobody wants to be left in a group. The recent survey conducted on iPod College gave very interesting results. The iPod has won on the wisest beer popular bud as must have the choice. With the video, games, music and photos to a single compact device, students are relatively more with iPod than any other electronic gadget. The recent drop in price of the iPod is another factor of consumers more accepting in their lives.

The iPod is no more a MP3 player choice for adolescents, he entered the main stream segment with professionals, housewife or the elderly, considering that it is very interesting, and useful electronic gadget. The next time you see someone with white headphones, ask yourself the following question, you are ready to pass to the culture of the iPod.

Reasons for iPod boom

iPod has become the first to use iPod compression technology was first trade mark on the portable MP3 market successfully.
The ability to store thousands of songs.
Several celebrities enjoy it Cool and elegant design Click wheel concept (Menu selection) good interface software - iTunes single use products came from Apple, known for the cool gadgets.
get rid of the CD drive, all the music in one place.
Time battery chargeable capacity to keep music, photos, films and games in one place.
Massive advertising for this product.
Popular support for device.

It is also first time keeping of electronic items to miniature State, a US company has won more than Japanese companies. In one of the interview to the business magazine, Sony corporation have agreed that they have lost to Apple in terms of mp3 players. Otherwise, the core competencies of Sony corporation are to create or make miniature electronic devices. With Apple in the MP3 market lead, we'll see what other features Apple will add in the next generation iPod.


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