Saturday, April 30, 2011

Apple iPod Nano chromatic (iPod Nano 4th generation) review

Did not use an iPod prior to this is a good thing, because it gave me a more neutral point of view when MP3 players are involved. To hear many people say "nothing can be better than an iPod" However, makes certainly you wonder if it is loyalty to the brand bias, plain, or iPods are really good that they make it be. Well, this is not a comparison if we left Apple iPod so here we have the iPod Nano chromatic of our control.

Being the 4th generation iPod Nano has suffered certainly enough change that makes it really trying to upgrade to. To begin with, it is now with 2 versions with storage of 8 and 16 GB sizes. It is double of 3rd generation iPod Nano. The new iPod Nano chromatic, as it is named is also thinner than its predecessor and has a slightly curved body design. Testament to the "chromatic" in its name, the iPod Nano chromatic is sold in 9 different colours.

Having never tested before any other iPod of the chromatic, I can't really comment on the difference in the interface, but the Wii features are definitely new to the chromatic. To be precise, two new features based on a movement on the iPod is certainly impressed. By tilting of the iPod Nano chromatic for his side or back straight up, you can alternate the display from portrait to landscape is not just for fun because it allows locate songs with greater ease. The other characteristic of the induced motion is the shake to shuffle feature, which you can shuffle songs in your reading list by shaking the iPod Nano chromatic. Note that you must shake hard and not only it wiggle since there is a preventive function to prevent fight your songs by accident, in case you bump your iPod made move in your Pocket while you're on the move.

In terms of audio quality, perhaps I should not have doubted that iPods always deliver. Well I did not know why so many people say good things about iPods until I personally tested the chromatic for myself. The result? Absolutely impressed with the detail and quality that can the color output. Not only the large triple, but the bass is also excellent. My opinion is: once you've tried an iPod, you probably never use any other MP3 player. In view of what it offers, the iPod Nano chromatic is surprisingly cheaper and better than most of the competition, so it is definitely worth.

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