Friday, April 29, 2011

iPod Touch 32 GB 4th generation - is it worth your money?

Is the iPod Touch 32 GB 4th generation is worth your money? If you already have the previous model you may be wondering if the improvements are worth this trade and to obtain an upgrade. In this article we will look at the new features to see whether to change to the next generation.

The two compared models side by side similar enough and it can be difficult to make a difference. If you look carefully, you'll see that the generation model 4 is slightly thinner than its predecessor. For some people, this can make the difference, rendering the look of rider device.

IPod Touch 32 GB 4th generation seems to have a slight advantage in terms of looks, albeit not significantly, and it seems mostly a more attentive user. It is likely that the only design style will probably not enough to encourage you to get the new model. Which can change your mind is the fact that this model has the same interface that the iPhone 4.

What this essentially means is that you have a much clearer screen resolution. Both the iPod Touch 4th generation iPhone 4 have a 960-by-640-pixel resolution. This means viewing of photos and videos is much easier. There is a reason why this is important.

This model has enough space for 8000 songs storage. However in this device storage space can also be used for games and videos. This is why the device is often called a Smartphone without the phone part. The crucial difference between this and the previous generation is the type of videos, you can have on this device. This is because this particular model is delivered with two cameras, a front facing camera and camera back HD video.

IPod Touch 32 GB 4th generation has a range of features. Fortunately there is also a life long battery, ideally for train travel or walking long campaign where you keep it going and there is no way to recharge. It is worth to check the offers available online.

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