Friday, April 29, 2011

A review of 4th generation iPod Touch

The latest 4th generation iPod Touch device released by Apple is a high range music and video player.

It is a great gaming device and camera. There are also a ton of apps you can download and run in the iPod Touch, just like the iPhone.

The last model incorporates the ability to shoot HD, a new display screen retina super-sharp and also - GameCenter, which allows playing games socially with friends.

1 Design

Then what the iPod Touch looks like now? The apparatus itself is beautiful and well proportioned. It measures 4.4 by 2.3 by 0.3 inches (detector), and is very well designed, not unlike its cousin of iPhone.

The left on the Touch Panel houses two buttons for Volume and a helmet, a speaker and a 30-pin to USB computer synchronization connector. There are also two of camera - one lens to the top of the screen and the other at the rear. All this packed into a compact device that is certainly a marvel of engineering and design research.

2 Display

The new 4th generation iPod Touch contains a display of the retina - which is the term coined by Apple for its last race of super-sharp displays. IPhone 4 athletes also a display of the retina. After viewing the images on the retina new screen, you will see the difference for yourself. The images are now rendered in delicious detail and look wonderful.

3 User interface

The beautiful thing about Apple devices is usually the user interface. Touch not disappointed in this Department. Navigation device is made by tapping icon. If the text entry is required, a keyboard on-screen nice pop for your data entry. There is also an accelerometer lock where you do not want these effects came into play. Of course, if you are familiar with the iPhone, you already know all these things.

4 Software

In terms of software, the 4th generation Touch integrates FaceTime and Ping, functionality focused on music, social networking for iTunes 10. I think that Apple wants that the iPad, iPhone and iPod experience a social - that is why all this type of software is published with his latest batch of devices. Another pleasant experience by far is surfing in Safari on the Touch - a few other portable devices capable of beating it (or the iPhone and iPad) of the best Internet experience.

5 Battery life

Let's take a look at the life of the processor and battery in the iPod Touch. Specifications say that the iPod Touch can go for an impressive 40 hours for audio and video of seven hours. I was not able to verify this, but I think that probably the actual time will be a little less.

6. Other features

Here are a few other features in the 4th generation iPod Touch mention. The rear camera records video in HD (720 p), rear mic up to 30 fps, audio capture via the control panel. The Touch also has FaceTime, a feature found in the iPhone 4 for video conversations. Since the device is not a phone, it can use the telephone numbers for FaceTime videos cats. Instead, it uses e-mail addresses - which, I must say works fairly well. Touch integrated Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and Wi - Fi 802.

7 Gaps

Only default of 4th generation iPod Touch is - guess what - its high price. However, given the number of features that you receive by the device, I would say it's all applies them. The iPod Touch sells $229 in the street now.


And that's it for my review of the 4th generation iPod Touch. It's certainly a powerful device as such, suitable for games, video / audio, Internet, and a set of other applications galore. If you do not have a phone and not fancy an iPad, but the features above in a compact unit, and then 4th generation iPod touch is a no clear for you. The next time, thank you and take care.

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